PSA Malawi

Malawi is characterized by a heavy burden of disease evidenced by high levels of child and adulthood mortality rates and high prevalence of diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS and other tropical diseases. Furthermore, evidence suggests that there is a growing burden of noncommunicable diseases.

With a total fertility rate of 4.4 the country has one of the highest population densities in sub-Saharan Africa. Malawi faces a number of challenges including inadequate finances to support poverty reduction programs; high levels of illiteracy; and critical shortage of capacity in institutions implementing development programs.

It is from this background that the Patients Support Association (PSA) was incepted in 2018 by Malawi youths that include; Mr. Christopher Banda, Miss Angella Mawaya, Miss Mary Baloyi and Mr Happy Tembo to make interventions that help minimizing sicknesses and the impacts on National development.

The main focus has been on poverty alleviation in communities through proactively implementing disease prevention programs in the areas of water and sanitation, nutrition and hygiene as well as promote food security.

Besides, the Patients Support Support Association partners government ensuring that there is adequate basics support to hospitalized Patients and guardians along with promoting hygiene in public hospitals.

The Patients Support Association Malawi, is a form of youth initiative on National development made up of 25 youth volunteers.

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To create a Nation where synergy eclipses the impact of diseases on national development.

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