Latina Wedding Guest Etiquette

When it comes to Latina weddings, there are many customs that can lead to a vibrant moment. From padrinos to las arras, there are lots of ways that you are able to honor the heritage and incorporate some of these beloved rituals into your ceremony. But what is the proper etiquette for the purpose of guests? All of us spoke to pros about what should be expected as a wedding guest at a Latin wedding, from wearing your best to participating the post-ceremony celebration.

A typical marriage ceremony will have a ceremonial procession of family leading up to the church or venue. For ladies, a formal clothing is regular and friends can add some whimsy by putting on a look or shawl. For men, a suit or slacks with a button-down shirt and tie can be described as safe wager. After the wedding service, guests will certainly join the couple for any celebration on the dance floor that is typically even more casual than the wedding ceremony. Depending on the couple’s tastes, guests might be encouraged to don a guayabera, a linens button-down tshirt with short sleeves, pertaining to the party.

A fun part of the celebration is the cash dance, wherever guests flag money around the bride and bridegroom to have a prospect to dance with these people. The flow can last pertaining to four to five songs and is a great way for the newlyweds to spend a lot of one-on-one time with their guests. For some couples, this is even a more personal experience than their primary dance.

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