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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.

 The PSA operate on two bases

Hospital surveys and donations

A well qualified PSA team shall be booking a survey with the hospital authorities to find out on that particular hospital’s basic challenges.

 A project shall be instituted and donations made accordingly. The supplies include; Food stuffs such as Maize floor, meat, vegetables cooking oil and fruits. PSA shall also also consider other activities such as ward renovations, buying beds, beddings, as well as construction of guardian shelters.

Community Mobilisation

 PSA shall be arranging various community health sensitization programs aimed at teaching community members healthy tips and diseases precautionary measures. It shall also proceed to hearing some health challenges the communities face as well as donating some health sanitation materials such as, soap, mosquito nets Sanitary buckets, chlorine etc.

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 PSA shall also engage in malnutrition related diseases prevention projects by supplying food stuffs and free seeds that will see the communities produce a variety of harvests enriched with the essential nutrients. PSA experts, shall again engage farmers on the modern farming practices
mobilisation for bumper harvest.

The patients support Association is committed to public hospital basic needs donations for the general benefit of inpatients and guardians while proactively avoiding diseases by actively engaging communities in various disease prevention sensitization projects on bases of nutrition, Water and sanitation, hygiene as well productive farming.